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Meet your mission with evidence-based decision making


Successful Surveys

Collect better data.

Achieve higher response rates. 


Interviews and focus groups

Gain deeper insights.

Learn about your audience. 




Make sense of your hard data. 

Tell a story from your evidence.  


Reports and Presentations

Share your strengths with staff, funders, and participants.


"Dr. Greenberg's evaluation work is excellent. Our foundation, in collaboration with two others, contracted with her to do a qualitative evaluation of the work of 3 different PD providers in Jewish day schools. Ariela's approach was collaborative and thoughtful. She completed the work on time and within budget. She is highly professional and her work was meticulous. Her data collection was thorough and systematic. Her analysis was methodologically sound. She was very responsive to funder feedback and produced an excellent, easy-to-read report. The funders and the providers all learned from the evaluation. I would highly recommend Dr. Greenberg" - Susan Kardos, Past Senior Director of Strategic and Education Planning, AVI CHAI Foundation

"Ariela was a pleasure to work with! Her entire process - from understanding our needs, developing the survey instrument, collecting data, and issuing a report - was smooth, quick, and efficient. Ariela paid a lot of attention to the context of our project, which helped her devise a survey that get us the info we needed. Ariela was creative and persistent in finding ways to maximize responses. She was also very good at phrasing her findings in ways that would be easy to understand and actionable. I was very impressed with her work!" - Rabbi Jim Rogozen, Director Center for Excellence in Early Childhood & Day School Education,  Builders of Jewish Education Los Angeles

"At Prizmah, we hired Dr. Ariela Greenberg to advise on on a conference evaluation survey for our major conference. She conference evaluation survey for our major conference. She provided feedback on our survey questions, survey design, and user testing. Her input brought our evaluation to a higher level of sophistication. I learned a lot from her. She was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg and hope to work with her again in the future. " - Odelia Epstein, Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools

"Dr. Ariela Greenberg's expertise and teamwork skills were invaluable in our school-wide evaluation of our math programs. Dr. Greenberg collected data by leading focus groups and developing, administering and analyzing parent and student surveys. Dr. Greenberg's analysis helped us to identify strengths and areas for potential growth, establish a vision, and implement changes that have led to improved student achievement." - High School Principal


"Using her communication and analytical skills, Dr. Greenberg effectively met the technical needs of multiple State of Vermont agencies and departments when her American Institutes for Research team was hired to perform an expert panel review and psychometric analyses of Vermont's kindergarten entry assessment. Drawing on the findings from the panel review and analyses, the State of Vermont created a validated, multi-domain Ready for Kindergarten! Survey." - Former Director, Vermont’s Head Start Collaboration Office


"I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Greenberg when she worked at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) on one of my projects. She is extremely detailed oriented, thorough, and a strong data analyst who was charged with overseeing the analysis of several surveys being administered statewide in Illinois to school principals, university faculty, and potential principal candidates. She was key in helping to complete a short turnaround analysis and presentation for a client and partners that were well received by all stakeholders." - M. Brown-Sims, American Institutes for Research

"Ariela brings with her a great mix of technical skills, content knowledge, and passion for excellence. Ariela is hard working, has strong interpersonal skills, and is a valuable manager of educational projects. She is passionate about early childhood education and Jewish education and always thinks about the next best thing that can advance service to the field. Her positive energy and positive attitude can brighten the day of any team. Highly recommended!" - Yael Kidron, former Principal Researcher, American Institutes for Research

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