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  • Ariela C. Greenberg, Ph.D

Keeping busy preparing for the 2019 Prizmah Conference

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

One of THE GREENBERG TEAM's niche areas of expertise is Jewish education. We have been busy supporting organizations that aim to improve and support the Jewish education field.

Presentation (and conversation)

Dr. Ariela Greenberg, Founder and CEO of THE GREENBERG TEAM will present at the Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools (Prizmah) Conference next week in Atlanta, GA. At the Prizmah Conference, more than 1000 Jewish day school staff, lay leaders, and other Jewish community stakeholders will gather to share ideas, learn from each other, and grow their networks.

Dr. Greenberg will present a poster at the Monday afternoon interactive poster session, entitled, “Ease Your Data Nightmares and Turn Your Goals into a Dream Evaluation.” She hopes to help educators and other attendees learn more about the research and data collection process. Using the correct approaches can turn a data nightmare to a data dream for a school or organization.

If you will be at the conference, please visit Dr. Greenberg’s poster to chat about best practices in research and evaluation. Work through a hands-on exercise and take home a small gift from THE GREENBERG TEAM.

Dr. Greenberg looks forward to greeting existing - and making new - connections at the Prizmah Conference. To arrange a meet-up in advance, please contact

We're listening

THE GREENBERG TEAM has been collaborating with the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC), which is an operating program of the Mayberg Foundation. JEIC works to improve the quality of Jewish education in day schools by partnering with stakeholders to catalyze change and implement innovative programming.

THE GREENBERG TEAM will support JEIC’s Listening Booth initiative in the conference “DreamLab” (the conference networking lounge and creative space). The JEIC Listening Booth initiative aims to inform the field about what future directions Jewish day schools can take to address their stakeholders’ wishes, dreams, and aspirations.

THE GREENBERG TEAM supported preparation for the interview-style initiative and will serve as the third-party research team to analyze the interview data. THE GREENBERG TEAM also will provide JEIC with a meaningful and actionable summary of the data. JEIC plans to share the findings with Prizmah.

All conference attendees are welcome to participate. Limited spaces are available. Participants will receive a small gift from JEIC and a chance to win Bluetooth wireless AirBuds. If you will attend the Prizmah Conference and wish to participate, please sign up here.

Your opinion matters

THE GREENBERG TEAM also has been supporting Prizmah with producing its post-conference evaluation survey, which all attendees will receive by email after the conference. If you will be at the Prizmah Conference, please take some time post-conference to complete the online survey. Your participation will help Prizmah best address the needs of the Jewish day school community year round and at the next conference.


Ariela Greenberg, Ph.D., is CEO and Founder of THE GREENBERG TEAM Research and Evaluation Consulting. THE GREENBERG TEAM provides the knowledge, skills, and resources to support data-based decisions that help non-profits meet their missions. Our research and evaluation services are available for all groups. We also specialize in working with Jewish education and non-profit organizations.

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