Study Lead, National Jewish Educator Census, Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education

  • Developed Census questions to address current and future staffing needs in the Jewish Education field 

  • Managing data collection among thousands of respondents

  • Will analyze data and prepare a public report (expected 2021)


Foundation for Jewish Camp, in partnership with Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools (PrizmahCJDS)

  • Developing an assessment for lay and professional leadership around safety, respect, and equity policies, policy implementation, and related existing training 

  • Findings will inform future training programs and policy implementation for the Jewish camping and day school field


Text-to-Relationship Evaluation, AVI CHAI, Kohelet, and Mayberg Foundations 

  • Designed interview methodology to evaluate a pilot program for Jewish educator professional development

  • Developed questions that aligned with the goals of the study

  • Conducted phone interviews with teachers

  • Analyzed qualitative data and presented findings in a well-received report

  • Creating a public research brief report to share with Jewish Education stakeholders


Men As Allies Evaluation, Jewish Women International

  • Consulted with staff on their development of a survey of a pilot program to help increase gender safety, respect, and equity in the Jewish non-profit workplace

  • Analyzed data and provided findings for reports and presentations


LINK, StandWithUs

  • Developed tools to measure teachers’ offline use of a digital platform for a middle school curriculum on Israel

  • Presented findings to LINK staff to inform their next steps



Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC)’s Listening Booths, Mayberg Foundation

  • Developed interview protocol for the JEIC project team “Listening Booths” at the PrizmahCJDS Conference

  • Trained interviewers and conducted interviews

  • Managing the process to verify the content of the transcriptions against the audio files

  • Analyzed qualitative data and presented findings in a well-received public report

B’nai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO)

  • Developed a survey of teens and parents to gauge interest in upcoming programs

  • Reviewed and provided feedback on a survey of teens and chapter advisors

  • Analyzed summer and follow-up survey data for BBYO summer programs

  • Created PowerPoint presentations to report on survey data findings


Builders of Jewish Education, Los Angeles

  • Designed survey methodology to evaluate a pilot educational program

  • Programmed the online survey with questions that aligned with the study goals 

  • Implemented appropriate skip logic to reach multiple types of stakeholders

  • Analyzed quantitative and qualitative data from the survey (53% response rate)

  • Prepared report for program staff and funders



  • Reviewed and provided feedback on a survey of program participants

  • Tested online survey and provided feedback to improve user experience and help achieve reasonable completion rates


Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools (PrizmahCJDS)

  • Reviewed and provided feedback on a survey of for conference participants

  • Attended day-long brainstorming session about a potential study on Jewish day schools


STEM Program Evaluation, private Jewish day school

  • Conducted focus groups with teachers to inform survey development

  • Developed parent and student surveys to evaluate the STEM program

  • Analyzed data and reported findings to advise on the next steps for the STEM program

  • Influenced leaders to make changes in curriculum and implementation based on data-driven decision making



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