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National Jewish ECE Compensation Study FAQ

hosted by JUF


Who is leading the study?

Who are the study partners?

What are the study objectives?

Who does the study consider as “ECE staff”?

Technical FAQ

How can I see the questions in the center survey before I click on the link so I can prepare my responses in advance? 

When the survey is launched, you will be able to see the preview of the survey questions by pressing this button: 

How can I see the questions in the individual data collection form so I can prepare my responses in advance? 

The forms allow you to see all the questions across, with drop-down menus available for certain columns. Due to some variation in credentialling questions between states, and the format of the page, there is no preview. The subsequent pages have more rows for the same questions to allow space for larger staff size. 
PLEASE SAVE YOUR WORK at the bottom of the pages,  ideally after you enter each row, and definitely before you leave the page so that you can return to your saved data. 

If you still want a PDF of the questions and response options, please email including your state. 

Where and when will the study take place?

The data collection period in the Cleveland community will take place online from July 7 to July 28, 2022. Note this deadline is different from the national study's data collection timeline. The analysis and reporting will occur in the Fall of 2022, and the dissemination of findings may potentially continue into the early winter of 2023.

How will we keep your data private and confidential?

The study team will follow several procedures to minimize risk and help keep your data private and confidential:

  • The study team will collect and store the survey data in a password-protected platform.

  • The study team will share only aggregate findings in the national and local reports. We will not report or share individual data.

  • If you received communication from a local federation or similar organization, that organization will receive center-aggregated data through a secure platform. They will not receive individual data.

  • If you have received communication from a national organization, that organization will receive data aggregated to the center level and transferred on a secure platform. They will not receive individual data. Aggregated data at the center level, with centers de-identified, will be shared by the research team only among specific partners for use in the context of this study:

    • JCCA for centers in JCCs

    • URJ for centers in Reform congregations

  • Only The Greenberg Team will have access to the anonymous individual data. The staff is certified for research on human subjects and bound to keep all data confidential.

  • Files will be stored on a secure platform and labeled with a center code instead of the center name. The tracking file that connects the name and code will be stored on a separate platform and accessible only by The Greenberg Team.

  • The study will not request identifiable information about employees such as their name, job title, email address, address, phone number, social security number, full date of birth, full five-digit ZIP codes, etc.

When the surveys refers to "staff" the definition of staff should include:

  • any of the following instructional or programmatic, or similar roles: 

    • Director of Early Childhood Education, Preschool Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director, Education Director, Administrative, Teacher/Co-teacher, Assistant Teacher, Curriculum Specialist/Pedagogista, Art/Music/Movement Specialist, Special Services/Therapist, Floater/Regular Substitute, Intern/student teacher

  • paid staff who are 18 and older

  • staff in the above categories without regard to the individual’s religion or religious identification

  • NOT operational staff such as facilities, maintenance, transportation, food services, HR/Accounting, health services, etc.  


How does my center participate?

Center directors will receive an email from with an invitation to participate anytime through July 7. If you do not receive an invitation and are within the inclusion criteria, starting July 8, you can request an invitation on this request form


How does the study work?

In the email invitation, you will see two links. Part 1 is a survey about your center where you will be asked center-related questions, or for center-aggregate data. This part is confidential but not anonymous to the research team. It is both confidential and anonymous outside the research team, unless otherwise indicated in your invitation. Part 2 is a survey about your individual staff and will not ask for any information connected to your center name or location so that it can remain confidential and secure. The individual data will remain anonymous within each center's records. Please do not enter any identifiers; you will only need to enter a center code that is attached to your center name only in separately-stored records only among the small research team. 

What if my survey link does not work?

For technical assistance with the link, contact

What if I have other technical questions?

For any technical assistance, contact

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